Buy Smart. Live Rich.


If you are a rehabber, or just a handy person who is always on the look out for a good deal, you must be getting tired of hearing the bad news about how hard it is now to get a loan to finance your deals...

In reality, right now is the BEST time to buy fixer-uppers - as long as you buy it with loads of equity, and get in real "light" - that is very little cash outlay from your pocket!

Can you do that in the current market climate? YES YOU CAN - what we have assembled here are just some of these fixer-uppers throughout the St. Louis region, that requires very little cash outlay but all have big equity.

Start doing what you love and look at these great opportunities before they are gone - to get these jaw-dropping prices, you must close quickly with cash or financing in place:

Hereford: (63110 - the Hill) 2b/2b: $78,000 OBO, ARV is $125,000+

Berthold: (63110 - Kings Oaks) 3b/1b: $62,500 OBO, ARV is $181,000+

Allen: (63125 - Mehlville) 3b/2b: $68,500 OBO, ARV is $135,000

Windermere: (63112 - Central West End) 6b/3.5b: $207,500 OBO, ARV is $282,000+


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